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At Roof Specialist SA we know a roof that is 99% waterproof is not good enough. We provide 24/7 leak repairs because we understand your roof is the first defence against powerful natural elements. Whether it is heavy rain, storms or extremes of temperature the roof protects everything beneath it from their force. Nothing but a 100% sealed roof will keep wind, water and vermin from damaging your home or business.

We’ve been performing roof repairs in Adelaide and SA since 2009. Our combination of exceptional workmanship, the best materials Australia has to offer and the confidence that comes with warranty coverage distinguishes us in the Adelaide Roofing market.


Over the years, roofing technology has changed immensely, now featuring high-tech resins, polymers, torch-applied roofing, and liquid-applied roofing. At Roof Specialist SA, we have advanced with it: there isn’t a system we don’t do.

By using tried and tested materials from Australia’s most reputed suppliers such as Dulux, Consolidated Alloys and Shieldcoat as well as delivering quality workmanship, we ensure that every job is treated equal, providing lasting results and maximum customer satisfaction for years to come.

If you have any additional questions please contact us and we will endeavour to respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Client Testimonials

Mum just came home and seen the roof and they are both very happy. They just wanted me to send you this message to say thank you so much for such a fantastic job.

If you ever need any recommendations they will be very happy to be one for you.


Thank you Alex for your professional job on my Henley Beach Road property. It was a difficult job on a roof lacking 18 years of maintenance, and you were able to skillfully put it right in a few days for a reasonable price. 

Thank you. Kevin C

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